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Praying Everyone is Healthy!

From the Leadership Team


  9:55 AMish         Facebook Live Service Begins @ facebook.com/pathwaycrc

CORPORATE WORSHIP – We will not be able to meet as a group corporately until at least May 10.  With the new order from Governor Holcomb this week to close schools for the rest of the school year, we have not yet worked out with Crown Point Christian what that means for Pathway.  We will keep you informed as we know more.  

In the meantime, we are looking forward to streaming videos of our pulpit supply pastors at 10 am on Sundays via our Facebook page - facebook.com/Pathwaycrc

We will start the live video a few minutes before 10 am and then wait to start the sermon so that people have a chance to join. 

On Sunday Pastor Lance Davids' message is "Take for Me" based on Matthew 26: 30-46.

If you missed a sermon or would like to listen to any past sermons, you may click on the following link:  https://www.pathwaycrc.org/audio.aspx.

PRAYER REQUESTS – If you have any prayer requests that you would like included in the congregational prayer on Sunday, please email them to nathansederstrom@pathwaycrc.org.  If you have private concerns needing prayer from the Elders, please contact an elder.

Pathway's website allows you to still contribute financially via our online  giving page even when we are not able to meet in-person. You can go to https://www.pathwaycrc.org/giving or Click on the GIVE -> GIVE ONLINE menu item on the website. Questions - email Deacons@pathwaycrc.org.  

LENT BIBLE READING – You may have heard many sermons on the various passages in the gospels that detail Jesus' life after the resurrection, but have you read them for yourself?  After last week's reading on the crucifixion, this week we will focus on the resurrection as we look forward to celebrating Easter. Pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal new insights while reading each of these accounts from different gospel perspectives. 
Here's a guide for the upcoming week:
   - Monday: Matthew 28
   - Tuesday: Mark 16
   - Wednesday: Luke 24
   - Thursday: John 20-21

Please remember to check out our website, http://www.pathwaycrc.org/ for more information on all our programs and opportunities.

In an uncertain world, trust in our all-knowing God!

Be Well and Happy,

The Leadership Team



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