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Happy Friday Everyone!

From the Leadership Team


  8:15 AM            Set Up Begins
  8:45 AM            Praise Team Practice
  9:00 AM            Catechism for 6th-12th Grade Will NOT Meet
10:00 AM            Service Begins
                            - Holy Communion
                            - Special Offering for Hearts in Motion
                            - Pathway Kids Will Meet (Ages 3-4th Grade)

  6:00 PM            Pinewood Derby Car Carving Night
  7:00 PM            Women's Evening Bible Study Will Meet

                * * * Ladies' Night Out--Movie "Unplanned" * * *

  8:15 AM            Set Up Begins
  8:45 AM            Praise Team Practice
  9:00 AM            Catechism for 6th-12th Grade Will NOT Meet
10:00 AM            Service Begins
                            - Name Tag Sunday
                            - Benevolence Offering
                            - Pathway Kids Will NOT Meet (Ages 3-4th Grade)

On Sunday we continue in our Lenten sermon series:  "God's Devil:  How Satan's Rebellion Serves God's Purposes." Our third message is "What Satan Wants" based on Matthew 4:1-11.

HOLY COMMUNION – THIS Sunday, March 24, we partake of Holy Communion. He eagerly desires to eat this meal with you. And through the mystery of the sacrament and power of the Holy Spirit, He is really present and will build up your faith. Taste and see that the Lord is good!

If Jesus is your Savior, you’ve publicly taken a stand for Him, and you fight your sin yet covet His grace, come and meet Him in this supper!

MARCH'S SPECIAL OFFERING IS THIS SUNDAY – Our offering for the month of March will be received THIS Sunday, March 24 for Hearts in Motion.

NEW BLOG POSTED THIS MORNING – Pastor Joel published a new blog on JZ's A to Z Blog on the pathwaycrc.org website titled, "Satan's Lies; The World's Religions." You may read it by clicking on the following link:  https://www.pathwaycrc.org/blog.aspx?blogguid=ed0e14f2-60fe-4cf5-8ce8-4b0deebb0dbf.

HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP SHOE DRIVE FUNDRAISER – The great shoe fundraiser has begun! Pathway youth group wants your lightly used or new shoes to provide to Third World micro vendors for resale. Our goal is to collect 100 bags or 2,500 pairs of lightly worn shoes for distribution in Haiti, Colombia, and Tanzania. Our youth group is paid per pound for shoes. For more information on the organization we are working with, visit Funds2orgs.com.

Drop Off Locations For Your Shoes Now Through April 15
- Church Sunday mornings by the offering table.
- Trailer any time parked in Enclave Subdivision at 9592 Henry Street, Dyer, Indiana. 
- Ryan Spangler's State Farm office Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at
       10210 Wicker Avenue, #2, St. John, Indiana (across from Alsip Nursery).
- Jim Jacobsen's State Farm office Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and
       Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - noon at 2137 Hart Street, Dyer, Indiana (across from St. Mary's
                                                   Invite friends and neighbors to participate. 

PINEWOOD DERBY CARVING NIGHT – We have another Carving Night planned for March 27 at 6:00 p.m. in Crown Point, Indiana. The garage will be set up for cutting, sanding and weighting your cars. Come turn those blocks of wood into speedy works of art! 

WOMEN'S WEDNESDAY EVENING BIBLE STUDY – will meet March 27 at 7:00 p.m. in St John, Indiana. We will view Session 7 of Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore. Anyone interested in joining us is welcome!! If you have any questions, please contact the church office at (219) 558-0573.

LADIES' NIGHT OUT – All Pathway women are invited to a ladies' night out on Friday, March 29 to see the opening of "Unplanned," a movie by the writers of "God's Not Dead." The movie is about the former clinic director for Planned Parenthood. Abby Johnson, who had a conscience attack over her work, and left Planned Parenthood and is now a pro-life advocate. If you'd like to attend, please contact the church office at (219) 558-0573. 

BENEVOLENCE OFFERING – March has a 5th Sunday! Every 5th Sunday of the month (March 31), an offering will be taken for benevolence. Benevolence offerings will be used to help the poor or those with a short-term need.

FAITH AND ACTION SERVICE OPPORTUNITY – Looking to volunteer as a family (ages 13 and up), earn service hours, or fulfill community service time? Faith and Action, a ministry in Crete that employs disadvantaged men, needs help cutting, splitting, and wrapping wood. Please join us Saturday, April 6 from 8:00 a.m. - Noon (come and go as needed!) at 225 W. Burville Road, Crete, Illinois. We also welcome help during the week. For more information, please visit www.faithandactiononline.org or contact John at (708) 314-5686.

FAMILY NIGHT PINEWOOD DERBY CAR RACE – Calling all boys and girls (and adults) to a race car event for the ages. On Saturday, April 13, Pathway will host her annual Pinewood Derby Car event at Crown Point Christian School. Boys, girls, and adults of all ages are invited to participate. There will be separate prizes for show and speed for boys, girls, and adults. See Dan Eenigenburg to pick up a kit. The kits are $3 each. 

HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP – The High School Youth Group will not meet again until April 14. If you have any questions, please contact the church office at (219) 558-0573.

- Good Friday Worship Service is Friday, April 19.
- Easter Worship Service is Sunday, April 21.
- National Day of Prayer Service is Thursday, May 2, 7:00 p.m. at St. John the Evangelist Church.
- Park Place Intergenerational Worship Service is Sunday, May 5. 
- Next WE Event is Saturday, May 11.

NURSERY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Do you have a love for infants and young children? Why not serve in the Pathway Nursery about once a month? If you are willing and available to help, please email the church office at pathwayadmin@pathwaycrc.org.

Please remember to check out our website, http://www.pathwaycrc.org/ for more information on all our programs and opportunities.

Opportunities to Serve

This Sunday we welcome Karen Scheeringa-Parra, Executive Director and Founder of Hearts in Motion. Karen has made many trips to Central and South America assisting them with medical treatments and developing programs of education. Their thrift store in Schererville provides funds for the ministry and they offer several mission trips each year. The offering received Sunday will be used for a new school in Pueblo Modelo, Guatamala.

Thank you to everyone that colored Cards of Hope for cancer patients from Phil’s Friends!!!

If you have any questions on the above, please contact Terri Schaaf  at pathwayoutreach@pathwaycrc.org.

From Pastor Joel

On Sunday we continue in our Lent series called “God’s Devil: How Satan’s Rebellion Serves God’s Purposes.” We will learn how Lucifer, “the shining one,” rebelled, his everyday tactics to persuade humans, his ultimate intentions, how Christians can defeat him, and how even his rebellion serves God’s purposes. Join us! 

Our third message:  There are two facts in our battle against Satan that should inspire us. First, Satan is God’s Satan. He cannot do anything but that it serves God’s purposes. Second, he is predictable. He has certain patterns of behavior that are constant over and over again. Sunday we study the temptation of Christ by Satan. We learn what he wants from Jesus and what he wants from us. He would have Jesus and us to turn from God’s will, ignore God’s Word, and avoid carrying our crosses. So, let us do the exact opposite in submission to our great, victorious, sovereign God. Let us know God’s will, hold fast to God’s Word, and expect to carry crosses. 

There will be a Good Friday service on April 19. Easter is on April 21.  

Mark your calendars now for the National Day of Prayer Service. The Service will be Thursday, May 2, 7:00 p.m. at St. John the Evangelist Church. It will be very special!

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See you on Sunday,

The Leadership Team



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