Like anything that we grow or develop into, the Christian faith moves a step at a time.   For many that first step is to want to go to church to correct a problem in life, to educate one's children about Bible stories and about Jesus, or to return to the faith of one's youth in order to become a better person.   For others, step one was being born into a Christian family, and raised to know Jesus as Savior and guide.   Wherever you are at, welcome to Pathway.   We are a church dedicated to helping you take your next step, no matter how little or how far you've come.

For those new or returning to faith, let us outline how next steps often work.   You will have your own unique path, but here's some likely steps.  

Step 1   I go to a church worship service or church event/group to "get something new, important, and good" into my life.   Or maybe a respond from an invitation or push from a spouse, neighbor, friend, or acquaintance.  

Step 2   I begin to sense that whatever this is at this church and with these church people, it's good, right, true, and very relational.  I want more.

Step 3   I come to increasingly realize that this is very personal, powerful, and life changing, and God is beginning to gently reveal Himself to me whether through the pastor's message, a discussion with a Christian, singing songs at a church service, or some other form of contact through others, but somehow from God.   

Step 4  I realize that going to church is not first of all about "morality and being good," but about accepting a deep Christian truth that there's something wrong or empty inside me, and I need help.

Step 5   I ask Jesus to help me, by taking that cross thing and applying it to me, and by giving me meaning and purpose going forward.  I realize that I am someone who's flawed, and I can't "be good enough" to make God like me.   

Step 6     I begin to attend worship services every week.  I read the Bible, pray, and attend groups that discuss the Bible and what it means to live a life for Jesus.  This helps me grow in my faith.   It's almost like I'm becoming a new person.   And I like it!   

This is what the Bible talks about in 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

This is "conversion" or "accepting Jesus" or "getting saved."   For some it's a process, for others it's as quick as a church service.   

Step 7   Regardless, long process or short process, you are now a Christian and begin a lifetime of getting to know Jesus personally and serving Him wholeheartedly.   The Bible is God's word to you telling you who Jesus is, what God is up to, and how to live in ways that honor Him and make life sweet.   You will also want and need to unite with a Christian church, because Christianity is a relationship not only to Jesus but also to Team Jesus, the church.  Pathway church would like to help you with further steps too.  

For those changing churches because something's missing inside oneself

Sometimes people's next step is to change churches in order to give themselves a spiritual spurt.   The Christian faith is personal, relational, and dynamic, but sometimes Christians fall into ruts or patterns that turn knowing Jesus and living for Jesus into a rut of "have to's"  and "supposed to's" without a relational dimension to other Christians and to God.   When the rut sets in, sometimes a change of churches to hear a new perspective on the gospel and to celebrate Jesus in a community who does so via a different style can renew one's relationship with the Lord.

If you just need a change, try Pathway.  



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