"STOP . . . "

Author: Pastor Joel
November 04, 2016

Does anyone else feel overcommitted, overburdened, overwhelmed? It’s only the start of November, but is anyone’s calendar already booked through December? Is life becoming just this activity blur, rather than something savored or experienced or remembered? For the month of November we will hear from God not what we need to start doing, but what we need to stop doing. This weekend we're launching a four-week series called "STOP." We're going to look at four habits that are toxic to our lives that we assume are often just the normal way to go. In the end they become a barrier to experience the life God has for us, the life God calls us to live.
          Sunday:  "Stop . . . Hurrying" - Based on Luke 10: 38-42
          November 13:  "Stop . . . Hiding"
          November 20:  "Stop . . . Complaining"
          November 27:  "Stop . . . Comparing"

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