Northwoods' Article

Author: Pastor Joel and Anthony Drost
April 27, 2018

The leadership team has requested articles about how the Northwoods site could be used as a mission outpost. 

Here's the first of, we hope, a number of submissions.

I Have a Dream
What are you passionate about?
What do you think about when you're not at work, at church, or dealing with the kids?
What do you read up on? What do you watch on TV? What groups do you hang out with?
What’s your passion?  

Mine is biking!
I know most of you, my wife included, won’t be able to understand it but there is something about moving along under your own power, drafting off the guy in front of you and working as a team to achieve a pace, a speed that you wouldn’t be able to achieve by yourself.
As I am sure you have seen, there are a number of fellow bikers in our community and I have a dream to start Bike, Tights and Bibles – similar to F3 but for bike training in the winter.
I would love to use a room early Saturday morning once a week to bike inside.  For about 3 months in the winter, throw a video on the big screen, pump in some “bump, bump” music through the sound system and bike.  

Currently a group of us meet at a friend’s house for one week of training the March with minimal wear and tear on his carpets as we bring mats to place our rollers on. The idea is to build deeper relationships with the people we are already acquainted with through an event or sport that we are already passionate for.  

If we want our church to be a success, we have to have our members use the space, whatever space that is, for stuff they are already passionate about.
Passion = drive
Drive = energy
Energy = no effort  

Right now we have people doing things they aren’t passionate for and that’s a lot of work. We need to see what those people are passionate for and provide a space for them to create their own deeper relationships.  

We are a sports church, so let’s embrace that. Let’s paint the parking lot and add a couple of hoops for a 3 on 3 tournament. Trick shots. Knock out. Longest shot. Old man vs. Young Bucks “Horse” competition etc.  

There are a number of soccer players in our church. Let's put a net up in the grass so they can hang out and see if they want to have a year-end dinner in the space.

Some of our members like to golf. How would they like to use this space?   

We have a few musical people in our church. Would they love to use the space for a “jam” session?

A number of ladies and their girls love to craft on Saturdays. Would they love to use the space for that?   

We have a few people who have classic cars. Would they like to host a car show or host a stop on a “poker” run?  

What are people passionate about and how can we support their passion?

Okay I’m done! 

Anthony Drost 




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