Celebrate God's Goodness To Us Through Mothers!

Author: Pastor Joel
May 06, 2016

Sunday is Mother's Day! At Pathway, we value mothers and celebrate God's goodness to us through them. One of Scripture's most beautiful images to represent the character of God is the image of a mother having compassion on her children, and "so I will have compassion on you," declares the Lord.                                                                                                                             -- Isaiah 66:13

On Sunday, we will explore a Christmas time text. An angel comes to Mary to announce that she will give birth to Jesus Christ. Mary will be the mother of the Lord! This text is a little tender for Protestants. A former Catholic friend reminded me a couple weeks ago that he never heard a Protestant pastor preach on the specialness of Mary. Growing up that was standard fare in his Catholic upbringing. Well, that lit my fire! Christians can celebrate the honored place of Mary according to the Bible. So, let's go there this Sunday, Mother's Day, to celebrate the Mother of Our Lord. And let's do so in a distinctly Protestant way!

Upcoming:  Save the Following Sundays. Don't Be Out of Town!

May 15           Congregational Meeting                The great Relaunch Plan reveal!

May 22           10 year Pathway Birthday              Communion, Elim’s choir and                                                                                        Celebration Luncheon

Sept. 4            Labor Day weekend                      Distribution of fliers throughout St.                                                                                           John

Sept. 11           Pathway Sunday School begins

Sept. 18          Relaunch Sunday                           Our big media campaign will, Lord                                                                                        willing, result in a crowd of                                                                                                     newcomers to Pathway, some of                                                                                         whom don't yet know Christ or                                                                                             are returning to Him after a time                                                                                          away.

Pathway Signs:  Get your Pathway Signs out! If you need a new sign, take one. If you need new wire posts, they will be available Sunday in the back of the auditorium.

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