Do I Have To Do It All?

Author: Pastor Joel
September 01, 2016

Pathway is expanding both in numbers and programs. While this is an exciting time for Pathway, it also brings about a fair amount of change. Change is hard! This fall we are adding a Sunday School, changing worship time to accommodate the unchurched (from 9:30 to 10:00 AM), and expanding Family Night to Family Night Fun (with dinner and great programs like last year), and Family Night Grow (no dinner, but solid Christian education). In the midst of busy lives, you may begin to wonder, “How do we do it all?”

At my last church, Community Church in Roselawn, I saw the questions arise and eventually get resolved. Community was a church of roughly 100 people, but began to grow. As the numbers increased, we added programming to not only drive growth but also to minister to all. Soon after a new program launch, some folks would be concerned that they didn’t have any more time to invest in church. That’s perfectly understandable. However, some do, and want to. Others can’t or won’t. Can those who can’t or won’t bless the program additions for those who can and will? After a few years of growth, this uneasiness was naturally resolved. Eventually Community had so many program offerings that it was a natural assumption that no one can attend everything. However, there were a few early years as the church expanded that some lived under the false impression, “If I don’t go to everything, I’m a bad church member.” To that I say, “No you are not!”  

Everyone needs to assess their own situation. For younger families, I’d suggest considering the following?

- Are your lives well balanced between activity and rest?
- Are the activities weighted too much in a particular direction?
- Are the right priorities in place?
- Is there regular family time (whether a meal together, enjoying or
       participating in a game, going to a church or school activity)?
- Does the family prioritize going to worship weekly, or simply as able?  
- Does everyone have some time alone to relax, read, or play as one

These few questions will help you to assess the right choices for your family as church programs grow and change. Let’s respect each other’s choices, and understand that Pathway offers programming to accommodate a variety of personal and family schedules.    




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