Mike's Poem

Author: Pastor Joel
May 02, 2017

It has been a very moving time at Pathway as we honored Mike's request for prayer for a kidney donor. In addition we sent the request out to schools, churches, and the St. John Chamber of Commerce. Inside myself I wondered how many years this might take and how worn down Mike's body would be before a donor was found. Meanwhile the Holy Spirit was knocking on our own Tom Kamp to call the donor hot line and begin the process of discovery whether he was a match. Others called too. Meanwhile prayers continued to ripple heavenward, and the God of the heavens answered very quickly. Pathway's own Tom Kamp was a match. The successful transplant surgery occurred on April 21. By April 27 both guys were home and recovering well.

It's been an honor to walk beside both families during this time. I've watched the incredible gratitude of the Bultemas at this great gift. I've also witnessed the sacrificial generosity of the Kamps. Most of all, I'm in awe of our Lord's answer to His people's prayers.

On Tuesday when I visited Mike in Indianapolis he shared a poem with me that he wrote. Enjoy this story from his perch:

        One day I got sick
        I prayed, "Lord, take this away from me."
        He said, "No."

        I got sicker.
        I said, "Lord, I need a cure."
        He said, "No, here's a doctor."

        I got a little sicker.
        "Lord, I need a miracle."
        He said, "No, here is a transplant center."
        I said, "I don't have any more energy."
        He said, "Here, go on dialysis."
        I complained, "I'm missing a lot of work."
        He said, "Take the machine home and use it at night."
        I said, "I don't think I can do this for five years."
        He said, "You don't. In six weeks I'm giving you a new kidney."
        I cried, "Lord, things are moving too fast. I don't think I have control anymore."
        He smiled, "You have never been in control. I got this."

        I simply said, "Thank you."
        He said, "I know, I love you too buddy . . ."

Thanks for sharing with us from your perspective, Mike!
Thank you, God, that you are a good and sovereign Father who loves us!





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