Media Work, God Works

Author: Pastor Joel
September 20, 2016

So, I get an email early this morning (last Friday). One of our Pathway members was working at Crown Point Christian School handling the receptionist's desk for an hour during lunchtime. She volunteers at that position occasionally. She “happens” to take a call from a lady who “happened” to hear about a clothing drive on the local Christian radio station Shine 89.7 and is looking for clothing for her family. She said she called the school last week too, but no one knew anything about it. Our member said, “Hey, that’s us! That is my church. I can help you!” She got the lady’s contact information and connected with Pathway leadership. A Pathway leader connected to World Mission representative Chuck Porte with whom we are sponsoring the clothing drive. Chuck said, “I’ll collect a bunch of clothing from our thrift store in gender, size, and age-appropriate fashion and bring them to Pathway on September 25 when I’m promoting the Zoe Waters project, (that’s the offering for water well drilling in the 3rd world).

Praise God, Pathway! And bring some clothing on Sunday for someone else who can be helped by your donation.




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