#1 in the Big "10!"

Author: Pastor Joel
May 27, 2016

On Sunday I will begin a new series entitled:  “Love God, Love All.” It is a series based on the 10 commandments. The 10 commandments are God’s will for humans. God’s will for us is not, first of all, some individualized plan that yields a spouse, a meaningful job, two vehicles, a 3,000 square foot home, and 82 years of life. God’s will for each of us is, first of all, to obey his commandments, these 10 regulations and stipulations in which He commands that the people of this earth frame their lives. These 10 are so big, so broad, that in the Hebrew and Greek language, they are literally called the “ten words” or the “10 things.” The ancient Jews did not call these words the “10 commandments” because they understood these injunctions as broader than just a common list of 10 simple rules. These 10 words were to be a way of life, a means to show love to God and to all. They were valued words. Respected words. The 10 words were LIFE itself. Let’s dig in this summer to these life-giving “10 words.”

Yard Signs:   They work! Advertise your church in your yard.  Pick up a sign or a new wire support frame at the auditorium exit Sunday.   

Upcoming:  Save the Following Sundays. Don’t be out of town!

September 4 - Labor Day Weekend  - Distribution of fliers throughout St. John.

September 11 - Pathway Sunday School begins.

September 18 - Relaunch Sunday - Our big media campaign will, Lord willing, result in a crowd of newcomers to Pathway, some of whom don't yet know Christ or are returning to Him after a time away. 

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