"STOP . . . Hiding"

Author: Pastor Joel
November 11, 2016

Hiding in the Bible didn't stop at the beginning with Adam and Eve. David hides his evil. Jonah avoids responsibility. Elijah hides in a cave. Zacchaeus hides in a tree. Nicodemus comes to Jesus in secret. The disciples hide in a room. Peter hides his identity. Ananias and Sapphira hide the truth. Lots of hiding going on, and not much good comes from it. Adam blames Eve, and then Eve blames the serpent. Lots of blaming. David destroys a family and his reputation. Elijah falls into self-loathing. The disciples become prisoners of fear. Peter gives up. Despair, blame, loneliness, and fear are rampant. Not a lot of good comes from hiding. So, let’s not hide. Let’s live in the open. And let’s answer the call of God, “Where are you?” It’s an invite to His grace.

Next week the “Stop” topic is “Complaining.” If you’d like to hear last week’s message on “Stop Hurrying,” go to http://www.pathwaycrc.org/, Under Media, Click "Messages by Series" or "All Messages" or click on this link http://www.pathwaycrc.org/message.aspx?parentnavigationid=40999&messageGuid=8c12857e-cb68-48fa-a507-2c3a9a429838.

See you Sunday!

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