For Us?

Author: Pastor Joel
December 16, 2016

This week I will continue our Christmas series titled “God With and For Us.” The heart of Christmas is that God is with us and for us. See (or click on this link: for last Sunday’s message on God being with us, as He moves closer and closer throughout the Old Testament times, until He moves in with us at Bethlehem. God becomes us, human.

On Sunday we learn what it means that God is for us. God is for us in our fears, failures, struggles, and worries. God with us and for us is a comfort and a challenge.

                                   Next Sunday: 10:00 AM Christmas Service
This year some of the neighboring mega churches have canceled Sunday services on December 25 because Sunday falls on Christmas Day. For your disappointed mega church friends, invite them to Pathway for a Christmas Day service. But even more importantly, invite some non-Christians or someone without a church home. Let’s praise the newborn King.

DECEMBER FAMILY NIGHT FUN – Family Night Fun will be Wednesday, December 28 at Crown Point Christian School with dinner beginning at 6:00 pm. followed by Pink (girls kindergarten through 8th grade) and Blue (boys kindergarten through 8th grade) programming and adult education all beginning at 6:45 pm.

JANUARY FAMILY NIGHT – Join us (and invite lots of friends) to our January Family Night, which is scheduled for Wednesday, January 11 at 6:00 p.m. We will enjoy fellowship at the Wild Game and Fish Potluck followed by a very entertaining live animal show. All food items will be clearly marked and we will include some “normal” food for the less adventurous. We are looking for wild game and/or fish dishes. If you are not able to prepare anything on the wild side, please bring a family favorite comfort food to share. Jim Nesci of Cold Blooded Creatures is providing the entertainment after the meal. It’s a great show and not to be missed! This is a great “first look” for non-Christians or friends looking for a church home. If you have photos of game or fish harvested during the 2016 season, please send electronic versions of the photos to the office at

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