Where Was My Witness?

Author: Tom Kamp
August 04, 2017

I know many of us attend various churches’ worship services throughout the summer as we vacation all over the United States and Canada. However, I am particularly glad I was able to attend one service in June at my home church Pathway. God had an appointment for me that morning, and I had no idea it was coming. I was face to face with someone I had not seen in 29 years. Please think back to your freshman year in college and ask yourself, “Did I have a good handle on my faith at that time? In my walk with Christ, could I share it with anyone?”  

Well this question hit me right between the eyes when my college suitemate, Greg Kelley, from 1987-88 at Calvin College stood before Pathway and shared his faith journey. Greg said (very convicting for me) that during his freshman year NOBODY shared their faith with him. At the time he was unsaved. For those who heard Greg that morning, (he is currently serving as CEO of World Mission) it was only a small part of what he said about all the awesome work God has called him to do in bringing the Bible to the remotest parts of the world.

Well, Greg and I spoke afterward, and I invited  him  to lunch. Needless to say he was very surprised to see me, since it had been so long with no contact at all. He was embarrassed initially that he had said what he had about no one sharing the Christian faith with him. I of course told him it was my turn to apologize because I had my faith but I NEVER shared it with him. Wow, did I ever feel guilty.

Have you ever not shared your faith with someone close to you who wasn’t a believer? We can all say it was not God’s timing yet in Greg’s life and create a myriad of excuses for ourselves to maybe help us feel better OR we can move forward today and all the rest of our days and not allow that to happen again with anyone else God places in our path. I am praying I will move forward and that my spiritual eyes will always be open to EVERY chance from now on to share God’s faithfulness with others.




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