They Aren't The "Ten Suggestions" . . .

Author: Pastor Joel
August 19, 2016

This Sunday concludes the series “Love God, Love All.” I hope God has taught you two things. One, the commands point us to our need for a Savior. We cannot keep them perfectly. Two, I hope the commands have reignited your desire to love God and love others by obeying His Top Ten list. As the plaque says in a friend’s kitchen, “They aren’t the 10 Suggestions.” In obedience to the commandments, we are blessed with freedom for the commands are really about loving God and loving others.

Here’s a quick story regarding today’s teaching on Command Number Ten, “Do not covet. . . .” One day young Charles Darwin was eagerly holding one rare beetle in his right fist, another in his left and then suddenly he caught sight of a third beetle that he simply knew he must have for his collection. What to do? In a flash he put one of the beetles in his mouth for safekeeping and reached for the third beetle with his now free hand. But the mouth-imprisoned beetle squirted acid down Darwin’s throat--so that in a fit of coughing he lost all three beetles. (--James S. Hewett, Illustrations Unlimited) Coveting is like that. We quit focusing on what we are blessed with to desperately seek that which we do not have.

Last week I stated that a half truth is a whole lie, thus violating Commandment Nine. A friend said to me after the sermon, “Did you know that some state law codes recognize that?” Then he followed that up with a note. According to California Criminal Code #226, “A witness who is willfully false in one material part of his or her testimony is to be distrusted in others. You may reject the whole testimony of a witness who has willfully testified falsely as to a material point.”

Invite from Me:  Following the September 4, 90 minute distribution of our “Come. See. Connect” fliers to subdivisions, I invite you to my home for a potluck picnic. Bring lawn chairs, a favorite food, and yard or board games. I will smoke some pork roasts, so bring complementary foods. If you have preferences for a different holiday weekend meat, bring it. A grill will be available. If your kids like fishing, bring rods for an afternoon excursion to the pond on 93rd. Let’s hang out and enjoy each other. This is a rain or shine party. Please RSVP by Friday, September 2 to the church office, pathwayadmin@pathwaycrc.

              Upcoming:  Save The Following Sundays. Don’t be out of town!

September 4     Labor Day Weekend –
                              - Worship Time Changes to 10:00 a.m.
                              - Following Worship, Distribution of Fliers Throughout St. John.
                              - Following Distribution of Fliers, Potluck Picnic at the Zuidemas.

September 11   Pathway Sunday School begins.
                              - Classes Start at 9:00 a.m. and End at 9:45 a.m., Ages Preschool
                                 through Adult.
                              - Worship Service at 10:00 a.m.

September 18   Pathway’s Next Step Celebration:
                              - Special service celebrating our commitment to serve as an
                                 outreach oriented church
                              - Also, as part of the celebration, we will be participating in three
                                 special service projects to invite people to "do good." We will
                                 be having a Red Cross Blood Drive, handing out boxes for a
                                 Food Drive, and collecting clothing for distribution to needy
                              - Invite friends, family, neighbors, co-workers to “Come. See.
                                 Connect" at Pathway Church.

On the Sundays leading up to relaunch and relaunch Sunday, we will continue to have some of my friends visit to quietly evaluate and give input into how to make Pathway’s system better.

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