Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church . . .

Author: Pastor Joel
May 13, 2016

In Sunday’s message, we will consider Jesus’ great challenge to His church when He took his disciples to a place they wouldn’t have dared tell their mother they went to, Caesarea Philippi. There He pronounced at the foot of Mt. Hermon and at the hellish city of Caesarea Philippi, “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not overcome it.” Much has been made over this text by Protestants and Catholics. We will learn how to circumvent ancient arguments over the rock being Peter or his testimony, and instead understand the rock as the cave of Pan. God will establish His church in the dark places. Hell cannot resist the expanse of His kingdom.

Congregational Meeting – The Great Reveal: God has great things in store for Pathway as we ramp up to being a missional community of such energy, vision, love, informality, hospitality, joy, and enthusiasm that people hear about this great group of believers and want to check us out. We invite you after getting a cup of coffee to return 15 minutes later to the auditorium to hear, and interact with the vision for Pathway’s fall relaunch. This meeting is open to all, members and nonmembers. Good things are happening! Let’s celebrate, and dedicate. The Leadership Team in conjunction with those who attended the JAM retreat have set a course for Pathway to relaunch Pathway in this community. In addition, we will vote on the yearly budget and select new elders.

Next Sunday, We Celebrate Pathway’s Birthday:  Many former members and friends will return to celebrate with us. Those who were at the first worship service will be asked to share reflections of that first Sunday. Launch members, come ready to tell your stories.  

Upcoming Services Not To Be Missed

Next Sunday     10 year Pathway Birthday with special guests:  Elim’s choir and celebration potluck luncheon.

September 4     Labor Day weekend distribution of fliers throughout St. John.

September 11   Pathway Sunday school begins.

September 18   Relaunch Sunday:  Our big media campaign will, Lord willing, result in a crowd of newcomers to Pathway, some of who don’t yet know Christ or are returning to Him after a time away.  

Pathway Signs Get your Pathway signs out. If you need a new sign or new wire posts, they will be available in the back of the auditorium on Sunday.  

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