Ramblings of a Mad Man

Author: Pastor Joel and Mike Bultema
December 15, 2017

During the summer of 2017, I preached a series on how the Bible and science really are two sides of one coin. For some, it’s interesting to explore the topic. One of those is Mike Bultema. My buddy Mike was fueled by desire for growth in the Bible/science debate by passing along tidbits and sharing a DVD series. At my request he wrote this piece "Ramblings of a Mad Man." Thanks to Mike for putting his thoughts to paper. He deeply values scripture, the Christian faith, and the pursuit of knowledge about the creation and mankind. Sorry Mike that it took me so long to get this blog up.

"Ramblings of a Mad Man"

We at Pathway Church have recently heard a sermon series comparing Science and Religion. I have personally enjoyed this series but have a few points or questions that I would like to voice. The Bible never tries to disprove the scientific community, but a lot of science people try to disprove the Bible. Why do the history tellers try to tell me that the cave man of old was stupid and slow, and only lived to about 40 years of age? Science teaches that early man was on a constant quest for more knowledge. Good grief! The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge is what got us all in this mess we are in in the first place. My Bible says man lived for hundreds of years and was well learned in the arts and metal working. For example, God told Noah to build a boat. Noah didn’t ask, “What is a boat?” Noah built a giant boat! That job alone requires a basic understanding of carpentry, engineering, time management, tree falling and so on. Bottom line, Noah was not stupid.  

I believe the Flood actually happened. Most people look around and not much has changed, so they think the world has always looked this way. Well, the Bible says otherwise. This earth went into mourning after Adam and Eve brought about the fall into sin. The mourning got worse until God said “Enough! I’m going to wipe you people off the face of my earth and start over!” Queue the flood, massive changes, earth still suffering from sin until the moment Jesus dies on the cross. The curtain in the Temple ripped, the earth shook, again, then things start to slow down.  

I think that there were constant earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and such until Jesus’ death. Jesus’ death and resurrection brought an end to the reign of sin. Oh, by the way, take my Jesus off of the cross. He isn’t up there anymore. HE IS ALIVE!  

Over 40 years ago, I was taught that an ice age was coming, too many cars and trucks. Today my kids are being taught Global Warming, too many cars and trucks. I’m not going to worry about it too much people, God said season will follow season. There is order to the chaos.  

Occasionally, science will find something that we as a people have forgotten about. Dinosaurs, deep sea creatures, giant fish, they have even found whale bones in the Sahara Desert. It’s all in the Bible, even lost civilizations.  

Okay, deep breath, I believe in the Bible and what it says; all of it. If science and the Bible seem at odds to one another, I’m going to have to side with the Bible. If I start to pick and choose what parts of the Bible to believe, then I just devalued it all. That is what the devil wants. That is the bottom line; put a shadow of doubt in someone and they start to lose faith. Please don’t forget the real battle is between good and evil. So in closing this rant of mine, our battle is not with science itself. Science is just a tool that evil uses to try and trip us up. Science can only tell us what they see. The Bible tells us what was here before, and what will be here after. We don’t have to explain the Bible, just believe it. Most people don’t know how the brakes in their car work, but they believe that they will work when they step on the brake pedal!  

The Bible never changes. Sometimes science will change its stance though. So, when in doubt, wait it out.  

Thanks for listening,  




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