It's All About Our Guests! . . .

Author: Pastor Joel
September 09, 2016

Pathway members and regular attendees, here’s some guidance for the next few Sundays as we welcome guests who are checking out Pathway.

1. It’s all about the guests! Please welcome and enjoy new people. Do not 
    engage in “holy huddles.” Holy huddles are pairing off with Christian
    Pathway people you already know to chat. Engage instead with 
    newcomers. Shake a hand. Get a name. Pour a cup of coffee for
    for a guest. Invite a guest to take a treat from the snack table. Ask what
    he/she does for a living. Tell a little about yourself. Then watch for that
    person on future weeks and make sure to reconnect.
2. Watch your words; no negativity or overly Christian jargon.
3. Please sign in children for Pathway Kids. All should follow the same
    procedures otherwise it comes off as “insiders are more special.” That’s
    not the message we want to send.
4. For the next few weeks, my messages will be especially centered on
    those who are new. Here are the titles: 

                     - September 18:  Everybody’s Welcome
                     - September 25:  Nobody’s Perfect
                     - October 2:  Anything Can Happen
                     - October 9:  Standing On A Rock

5. If you are struggling with too little time and too many church options,  
    see my blog “Do I Have to Do It All?
6. Next Step Expectations: I will post a blog in the next 2 days on
    expectations for relaunch. What we expect will determine whether 
    we “succeed.”

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