Single Mom Disconnected From Church Says "Do It!"

Author: Pastor Joel
July 12, 2018

A week ago a Pathway family had over two friends of one of their children. The friends are newly engaged coaxed along in part by a 1-month old daughter whom they share. They live in southern Indiana where she’s studying for a teaching degree, and he’s in the Army. They plan to marry in September. Both grew up in this area and both used to regularly attend Christian churches, but currently do not worship regularly. When the topic of a church building for Pathway came up, the gal erupted in joy that Northwoods was being considered as a church building. She was so exuberant that her host asked, “Do you write? Do you want to say something to Pathway? There is a lot of uncertainty about purchasing Northwoods.” “Yes and yes,” she responded. Three days later Pathway received this article from her.

“Why the previously known as Northwoods restaurant log cabin would be the perfect place to establish a church:

Though it has a history as being a night club and restaurant, the building itself holds a lot of potential and promise for creating a perfect home for worship. It provides a beautiful foundation to be built upon and create a church that stands out from others in the area, providing a new atmosphere for young families in the area to welcome the Lord’s word into their lives. 

One of the problems I notice with many churches in the area are their ability to be found easily. So many are tucked back behind winding roads that it becomes difficult for new families to find them and allow the church to grow. The location of the building makes it easily viewed and accessible to the public, and the building itself draws the attention of those passing by.  

The land provides a venue for a live band, which would draw more attention to the church and help in growing the family. The addition of a large parking lot already laid on the grounds that fits the capacity of the building takes away the hassle of expanding the parking on another piece of land. It also includes a pond and wraparound patio which would provide space for outdoor events to not only draw more attention to the church but also provide a space for holding events in warmer months. It may also help in the church’s appeal as a wedding venue, which would benefit greatly in raising the funds brought in for the various expenses that need to be covered. 

As a young person myself and someone who has not been able to find a home church that feels right, I believe that this building would be an exciting investment and one that would not be regretted. Each time I pass by it, I can’t help but look and see if someone has picked it up and done something with it. The building holds a lot of memories for not only me, but many other people in the area, and I truly believe that those memories would attract many people in this area. What better place to bring people together than in a home of the Lord? The atmosphere of the building itself already draws you in, all that’s left is the right people to stand and hold the doors open and welcome the community inside.”




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