Christians are the hands and feet of Jesus . . .

Author: Pastor Joel
January 27, 2017

Sunday is the last message of our “Loving Our Neighbors” series. The title of my sermon is “Our Neighborhood as a Parish.” This message presents a model for understanding our neighborhoods under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, with Christians being the hands and feet of Jesus, to bring the values of the kingdom to our neighborhood.

This is also our 2nd week of our small group series. We will study how generosity attaches to our relationships. There is still some room in a Sunday late afternoon group if you would like to join. See me for info. or

NEW SERMON SERIES – We all enjoy pleasure. God designed us to enjoy. But a search for pleasure misguided can hook us into something way different than we ever intended. Throughout February until Easter, Pastor Joel will examine “Glittering Vices: 7 Misguided Pursuits of Pleasure.” This series on the 7 deadly sins explores how 7 categories of sin lure and consume us. The series sets us up for Good Friday redemption and Easter joy.

TESTIMONY SERIES:  BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! For a series of Sundays after Easter, we will listen to Pathway testimonies of God’s resurrection work in our lives. His resurrection power is at work in all believers! Tell your story! God’s work in you may have been dramatic and immediate or a process of years, but it’s His power and to Him the credit is due. Speak up! See Pastor Joel, if you might be willing. Again this year, we will offer alternate formats of video, interview, or solo presentation.

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