Final Day

Author: Mark Barnes
June 29, 2016

Home again!  Everyone made it back safely tonight.  We are so thankful for a great week.  God has been gracious throughout and everyone’s prayers appreciated!

We were able to complete each of our projects through the hard work of each and every team member. 

One home owner was moving into her parents house and juggling her own possessions and those of her parents.  She has been through a number of difficulties over the past couple years and is suffering from anxiety.  She was thrilled to see the drywall getting painted and doors hung in her basement today!  Donna helped her pick out colors for the final touches that will be coming from the next crew working in Detroit.


Another home owner shared with Tom how he and his wife got married during a church service.  They wanted to use the money they had as a down payment on their home instead of on a big wedding.  They ended up getting married between the offering and sermon during a service.  He was glad for our team of volunteers and just how meticulous they were in doing a good job.  He had previous groups in and they didn’t quite have the skill our Pathway team had.  His suspended ceiling, paint job, doors and trim work turned out great.

Our other home owners were also just so thankful for the work that was done, and how well things turned out for their tile floor, paneling and trim, bathroom and drywall, and a number of small fixes done during our time. 

What a great week hearing the stories and talking with those we went to serve.  Getting to work for Christ alongside such great team members and getting to share the experience together was wonderful.  It was difficult to find someone who wasn’t smiling or laughing the entire time. 

And the best part was Donna discovered there really is a Santa Clause, and he’s volunteering as a cook in Detroit!




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