Thanksgiving - My Favorite Holiday

Author: Pastor Joel
November 18, 2015

I confess that Christmas and birthdays were my favorite “holidays” growing up.  As a typical child, it was all about the gifts and the attention centering on me.  Now that I’ve gained a few years, a few pounds, and a few less hairs, I’ve switched my “holiday” preference to Thanksgiving.  There is something so beautiful about first worshiping in the house of God, then gathering with family and friends to give thanks again for all His bounty on display to us.  I also enjoy that the season isn’t so commercialized.  It’s not about the stuff, but instead the sharing of a meal and being grateful.  OK, I admit that Black Friday and its over-expansion into Thanksgiving Day is beginning to overtake the purity of the day.  But overall, for most, Thanksgiving is still about being grateful.My wife Michele began a new tradition a few years ago with our family that has caught on big.  She puts a simple white table cloth on the festive holiday table and asks all before the meal to write with a marker on the tablecloth what they are thankful for, sign it, and date the entry.  Then we share our gratefulness orally, announcing to God and fellow meal participants what we are grateful for.  She reuses the table cloth every year, which has on display the entries of gratitude from years past.  It reminds us whom we shared the “grateful meal” with in years past, and what we remembered as God’s bounty in previous years.  Great is His faithfulness! A new experience for me last year was delivering meals with our church following the worship service.  We met at Lencioni’s Restaurant in Lynwood on Thanksgiving Day to worship for 30 minutes singing songs, hearing a meditation from the Word, and joining in a circle of prayer.  Then we packed our prepared meals from Chef Jack and distributed over 600 of them to people throughout Lake and northern Newton County who are in need.  What a privilege, important responsibility, and a rare delight.  Not only do I worship with my church and eat turkey with my family, but I join with church and family to bless others on a day we celebrate God’s bounty.  It’s all good.  And I can’t wait. You are welcome to join in the worship and meal distribution too!   Just call the Pathway office at 219-558-0573 or email us via our Contact Us page and let us know you want to distribute meals too.  This year we will do so at Crown Point Christian School after worship from 9:30 – 10:15.May you experience a blessed Thanksgiving. Pastor Joel




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