Pathway Update 10/23

Author: Pastor Joel
October 23, 2015

On Sunday, Pastor Joel will continue the "Prodigal God: Finding Your Place at the Table" series. This week’s sermon is titled, "Give Me Mine" and is based on Luke 15: 1-2 and Luke 15: 11-32.

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Last Sunday, we considered the lost sheep and lost coin parables of Luke 15. Jesus answered the muttering of the Pharisees that He was attracting "bad" people to church. Yes, He was. Jesus was AND IS creating a new kind of community in which His grace, purchased in a life and death event, is the principal identity factor for Christians. We are those who are saved by grace! Nothing else in our identity matters more than this; not our gender, family, education, ethnicity, political affiliation, or morality.

Sunday we move to the Parable of the Prodigal which is a story about how idolatry erodes community. We often become guilty of idolatry when we place our ultimate desire in getting things from God rather than in God Himself. Only when we are captivated by the beauty of the Gospel can we be changed by it in such a way that we love God and other people more than ourselves and our disordered loves.




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