Standing on a Rock . . .

Author: Pastor Joel
October 07, 2016

On Sunday I will continue my “Introducing Pathway” series with a message titled “Standing on a Rock.” The message reveals what is the source of authority, the rock of the Christian faith. Christians do not believe what we feel or simply want. We believe what we are told. We are told in the Bible, a source of authority divinely given. I look forward to sharing with you what Christians believe about our Holy Book.

                 Pathway: No Longer the "Best Kept Secret" in NW Indiana!
It’s official! We’ve lost our place as the “best kept secret" in Northwest Indiana. A leadership team member was talking with a friend who asked where the leadership team member worshiped. He announced, “Pathway Church, NW IN’s best kept secret.” His friend responded, “Oh no you’re not. I see your signs all over the place.”
                  RIP “best kept secret.” We’ve broken out of secrecy. Hurray!!!   
                    Now bring on those seeking Christ, those returning to Christ,
                                                     and a building, Lord!
                            Do this so your glory can be on display through us.                                                                            It would be the highest honor!

CONNECTIONS CLASS – On Thursday, November 3 from 7-10 pm I will lead a Connections Class for all those interested in becoming members at Pathway Church. Although 3 hours may seem long, it will be an interactive and meaningful time. This class is a prerequisite for membership at Pathway. It’s also the gateway to profession of faith for people too. Please contact the office to reserve a place, or (219) 558-0573.

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