Pathway Financial Campaign Letter to Potential Donors

July 13, 2018

Behind the scenes the finance committee has been churning, seeking outside donors to help Pathway lift the financial load of Northwoods. Here is the fund raising letter that was sent to Pathway friends. The committee will continue solicitations should Pathway vote for the building as a church home this Sunday.

Imagine yourself as a believer with “more than enough.” You receive this letter in the mail from Pathway, where you have friends, family, or employees who worship here. Would you give?

Have a good read. We will see you Sunday.

Dear potential Pathway at Northwoods supporter:

It is our privilege to present this request to you. We have contacted you because you are a friend of this congregation or dear to someone from this church; and, in addition, may have the resources to help us lift a project too heavy on our own.

We hope you can help us purchase the Northwoods Restaurant (St. John, IN) as a repurposing site to further Pathway Church’s mission of helping people take their next step toward God. Pathway engages our mission relationally through blended worship services, dynamic family programs, and community focused service projects. Pathway, unlike many small churches, employs a part-time service coordinator to envision and execute service opportunities and invites the St. John community to participate alongside us, through our deep partnership with the Chamber of Commerce. We have dreamed of a home where we can partner with our community 7 days a week for service to the community. Northwoods is a 12,000 sq. ft. log cabin ripe with possibilities. Currently, we work with Intervarsity of Lake Central, which is across the street from the Northwoods property, making it ideal for hosting their weekly club meetings. We host an intergenerational service at Park Place Senior Center and coordinate a Thanksgiving Day meal distribution to 1500 poor throughout Lake County. We partner with Mommy’s Haven, a woman’s crisis pregnancy home, and sponsor two of their principle fundraisers: a Princess Brunch and a Super Hero Event. We sponsor a monthly family night that includes events like a magic show, a Pinewood derby, and a wild game dinner with a live reptile show.

Why Northwoods? We believe it will increase our missional effectiveness.
1. It provides tremendous exposure on US 41/Wicker Avenue, which hosts 37,000
2. It has name recognition in our area due to its unique, beautiful log cabin design.
3. It creates an emotional response and a curiosity from the community. For
    instance, when we asked the chef who collaborates with us for our
    Thanksgiving meals, what he thought about Northwoods as a church, he 
    responded, “That would be a hell of a church.” Although we are uncomfortable
    with word choice, the building elicits a response, even from non-believers.
4. It provides a high quality kitchen, which would allow us to expand our
    Thanksgiving Day meal deliveries, increase food repurposing with Starbucks,
    and allow for new food-related ministries such as operating a food pantry.
5. It provides a cozy, woodsy environment for this community to relax and
    deepen friendships.
6. It’s an appropriate stewardship move for a 150 person congregation, who has 
    worshipped in schools for 11 years. Building on our site will cost more for less 
    space, and will require several more years of wait.
7. Our leadership team is committed to this project. Not only have they negotiated
    the purchase, but also they are backing this project deeply from their own

Northwoods presents unique opportunities that traditional church buildings cannot offer. Whether that be a unique decor, name recognition, location, industrial cooking capabilities, or a curiosity in the community, a non-traditional building will help appeal to those who are lost or those who have never known about Jesus. We will be waiting with innovative service opportunities, a blended worship service, and a congregation eager to welcome newcomers or returnees to the love of Christ.

Have a look! Northwoods is located at 8135 Wicker Ave., St. John, IN, or view on the web,

We look forward to working together to grow God’s kingdom.



Dan Eenigenburg, Chairman
Pathway Church Capital Campaign Team




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