Monday in Detroit

June 27, 2016

Happy Monday!  The team had a great day in Detroit getting started working on our 5 different projects.  We headed out this morning in one piece, and thankfully everyone returned almost the same way.  Some were a few pounds lighter from working pretty hard on a hot day J 

Three of the home owners where teams worked spent some time talking with the group throughout the day.  Stories of the flood that did all this damage naturally came out in discussion.  One man recalled walking through waist-deep water in the street to get to his house.  One of the ladies talked about going into waist-deep water in her basement to unplug things!  One could not get her car out of the garage soon enough and the vehicle was lost to the flood. 

Each individual has been through hardship and is so thankful for teams that come to work!  There were an estimated 130,000 homes damaged in 2014.  Since then through this effort organized by the Southern Baptists, they have seen (1) 4 Professions of Faith; (2) 582 volunteers; (3) 21,655 volunteer hours from 20 different states working on over 70 houses in 2 years.

Tom K led devotions tonight reading about Jesus' call of the disciples from Luke 5.  What a diverse team that was absolutely not who you would expect Jesus to turn into the first church planters and missionaries!  Think about Judas, whom Jesus must have known would betray him later, that Jesus still called and loved just like the rest.

We are all challenged to listen to God’s call and go where He leads.  We may not feel equipped, ready, or much like a team, but if we trust Him miraculous things can happen.  And the cool thing is we get to be part of it!

After devotions some of us headed into Detroit to see one of the best firework shows in America this year by the river walk.  Some had more success than others navigating among a few million of our closest friends!




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