"STOP . . . Complaining"

Author: Pastor Joel
November 18, 2016

This Sunday's message is “Stop . . . Complaining.” The Bible has two words for verbalizing the weight of life. The first is “groaning.” The second is “complaining.” We will study each in context and see how God interacts with Groaners and Complainers. Spoiler Alert:  One He punishes; the other He answers.

Planning ahead for the Holiday Season? A few things to point out:

Thanksgiving Day –
        * Please remember the service starts earlier at 9:30 AM. What a great day!
          Come worship, then deliver meals to the community, and spend the rest of 
          the day gathered with family and friends for your Thanksgiving meal.

Sunday, December 11 –
        * 10:00 AM - Pathway Kids will be singing some Christmas favorites as part of
           the worship service. Also, the junior high praise team will be leading us in 
           worship. This is a great day to invite family and friends to come worship
           with us.
        * 5:00 PM – We will be having a special Candlelight Service. Enjoy a
          meaningful evening where we can prepare our hearts and minds for

Wednesday, January 11 –
        * January Family Night has been moved to the 11th to accommodate a
           scheduling conflict with the school.
        * This will be the Wild Game & Fish Potluck and will feature live animal            
           entertainment. All food items will be clearly marked and will include some
           “normal” foods to complement the wild side! Jim Nesci of Cold Blooded
           Creatures is providing some great entertainment after the meal. It will be
           a unique, fun evening so plan now and invite your friends!

Next week I will conclude the current Series “Stop” with the topic of “Comparing.” If you’d like to hear last week’s message on “Stop Hiding,” go to http://www.pathwaycrc.org/, Under Media, Click "Messages by Series" or "All Messages" or click on this link http://www.pathwaycrc.org/message.aspx?parentnavigationid=0&messageGuid=8c12857e-cb68-48fa-a507-2c3a9a429838&episodeguid=f748b613-f9f7-4d8e-8222-c7e5639889e0

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