Killing Beyond Murdering . . .

Author: Pastor Joel
July 01, 2016

Sunday’s message is on Commandment/Word Number Six entitled, "Killing Beyond Murdering" as I continue my summer series on the Ten Commandments. These words are so big and so broad that they frame a comprehensive view of theistic worship and morality. This week's words, "Do not kill," seem safe to those fingered or identified in the other messages. However, it's often violated by most of us in ways we may not even notice. When understood, this commandment provides a stunning look at the Creator's plans for human life to flourish. 

Holy Communion on Sunday - Sunday we partake of Holy Communion in celebration of our oneness in Jesus Christ. If you have taken a public stand for Jesus Christ and are taking His grace seriously via actively following Him, please join in the feast.  

On your mark, get set, relaunch! September 18 is approaching rapidly. It will be our big shout-out to the community to come and see Pathway! Reserve the date, and invite your neighbors. Behind the scenes, the relaunch subcommittees are working on marketing, guest services, and service projects. Details will be available soon on how you can participate.  

Pastor Joel’s Blogs -  I have a new Blog posted TODAY! My blog is entitled “Born This Way!” Please read it! It can be found on the website under Resources<JZ’s A To Z Blog.  

Interested in becoming a member of Pathway Church? I am planning to hold a Connections Class in July or August. This class is a prerequisite in order to become a member of Pathway Church. Please contact the church office if you are interested, (219) 558-0573.

Upcoming Preaching Schedule - Next week Sunday, July 10, we welcome Rev. Siang Hup to preach at Pathway. Siang is the pastor of Myanmar Christian Fellowship. Please give Siang and friends a warm welcome to Pathway. We are their sponsors. And they are no longer foreigners or aliens but fellow citizens in the body of Christ. I will be preaching at Emmanuel. We will also have guest pastors on July 17 and 24. 

Yard Signs -  They work! Advertise your church in your yard. Pick up a sign or a new wire support frame at the auditorium exit on Sunday.    

Upcoming:  Save the Following Sundays. Don’t be out of town!

Sept. 4            Labor Day Weekend                  Distribution of fliers throughout St. John.

Sept. 11          Pathway Sunday School begins.

Sept. 18          Relaunch Sunday                       Our big media campaign will, Lord                                                                                      willing, result in a crowd of                                                                                                    newcomers to Pathway, some of                                                                                        whom don't yet know Christ or are                                                                                      returning to Him after a time away.  

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