Building Project

Author: Pastor Joel
June 17, 2016

Yup, it’s begun. No, a spade is not yet in the ground. But on Thursday afternoon, June 2, and all day Friday, June 3, Pathway membership, both founders and newcomers, began to meet with Aspen, our Building Design Team, to envision a building project both affordable and beautiful, flexible and necessary, warm and inviting, and relational and functional. On Thursday, a broad group met from senior citizens to teenagers. On Friday, a portion of the Building Committee met. The purpose of the meetings over those 2 days was for Aspen to discern who we are and where we are going as a church. Largely, they are looking at the Pathway vibe and how to translate that into a building structure.

Things are getting very exciting! We could even have a shovel in the ground in a year’s time. About that, we’ll see. But for those who participated, it was a fun, exciting beginning. If all proceeds smoothly, we hope to have renderings by relaunch, Sept. 18.

Here we go, a building for Pathway!




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