Starbuck's Food Re-purposing

Author: Pastor Joel
October 13, 2017

For the last year, Pathway has been re-purposing food with a local Starbucks. Usually packaged food is thrown away in the restaurant industry if not used by the packaged date. However, through Food Donation Collection Program, Pathway is able to assist with bringing our local dated food to area food pantries. The following is an explanation by Jackie Sergeant who faithfully does Starbucks food runs. Thank you, Jackie and children. And thanks to all volunteers who participate. ~Joel

“Mom, What’s A Food Pantry?”
By Jackie Sergeant

This was a somewhat foreign term to my kids ages 11, 10, 8, 5, 3 and 8 months. Serving in any ministry is a challenge with small children. Most require a certain age/ability that can help. My husband and I have both felt slightly limited in our ability to participate in different ministries due to our young family. I have always had a heart for serving our neighbors locally; I want to take care of those around me.

When Pathway offered the opportunity to help deliver Starbucks food to local food pantries, I signed up!

Pathway Church partners with the Food Donation Collection Program. Their vision verse is John 6:12:  “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” For our ministry, we pick up unsold food from the local Starbucks and then it is brought to a food pantry in Cedar Lake. This food is what Starbucks would otherwise throw away at the end of the day. The food pantry in Cedar Lake serves approximately 41 families per week!

The term ‘food pantry’ has not been common in our household. Our family has not yet had to utilize one. So when I explained to my kids that we would be helping to pick up and deliver food to local food pantries, it brought on some interesting conversations. We talked about who would use a food pantry. It might be for someone who has lost a job, someone who is elderly, someone who is a single parent, or someone who has just fallen on hard times. We talked about the kind of food they might receive. We discussed where the food was coming from. 

Sometimes I go by myself to pick up and deliver the food. Often I have one, or many of my kids with me. They get to help carry the bags, pick up the food and deliver it. I believe that making my children aware that there are others less fortunate than they are and that THEY can do something to help, will have a lasting impact on them. 

Below is a video made by NOWTHIS that shows exactly what Pathway (and my family) have been able to participate in:




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