Author: Pastor Joel
June 19, 2018

Pathway received a surprise email this week from a secret CRC fan who watches our website including blogs. Here’s something she sent to the office. It’s published with her first name by permission.

Dear Pathway,

I am from another Christian Reformed Church, but there is great joy in my heart today believing God is creating a special future for Pathway Church! Be encouraged! Remember this:

God was the first one to think of home (food) delivery service--even before Domino's home pizza delivery! The first home delivery service was created by God for the children of Israel. It was not Pizza delivery but Manna delivery!

So it is with Pathway Church as it may be one of the first to start out in a well built structure that used to be a restaurant with an identifying animal creature out front. God is giving you folks a well known identification marker to help people find your church while driving down Rt. 41 and the streets of St. John. That's kind of unique and a great conversation piece. It may touch the hearts of new people (in the area) and will make them wonder and be interested in getting to know the church that has one of God's creations out front.

If God created Manna delivery, He can turn a food (for the body) restaurant into a Soul Food (for the Spirit) church! He may just be interested in showing a restaurant that once provided physical food is now going to provide spiritual food for the Soul. He is an awesome God! What a fantastic outreach He is providing to your congregation! I am an outsider looking in, but I am praising the Lord for this great opportunity He is giving to your church for growth. Awesome!! Rejoicing with your congregation as I watch to see how the Lord is laying out a future Pathway. Pathway Church just needs to let go and let God's Spirit move and direct. Praising the Lord for what He is doing!

Friend to Pathway Church,




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