But I Didn't Mean Anything By That . . .

Author: Pastor Joel
June 10, 2016

Pastor Joel is attending the Christian Reformed Church synod in Grand Rapids, MI. He will be gone for the next two Sundays. Mark Morris will be our guest pastor while Joel is gone. Mark has 25 years of ministry experience as a Youth Pastor, Pastor, and Missionary.

As we continue to study the “Ten Words” (AKA, the Ten Commandments), the third word shows us that there is one word that God takes very seriously - His name.  But there’s a lot more to the Third Commandment than, “Don’t say bad words.”

Please Pray for Synod, the annual meeting of the Christian Reformed Church, to be held in Grand Rapids, MI at Calvin College. Attendees at synod come from regional groupings of Christian Reformed churches from across the USA and Canada. Each region sends two pastors, one elder and one deacon. There are a number of pivotal issues for the denomination this year including ministry to those of homosexual orientation and racial reconciliation with native peoples. Also, a proposed Banner editor is being interviewed. The Banner is the news and commentary magazine of the Christian Reformed Church. 

Yard Signs:  They work! Advertise your church in your yard. Pick up a sign or a new wire support frame at the auditorium exit on Sunday.

Pastor Joel's Blogs:  I have a NEW Blog! Check it out at pathwaycrc.org under Resources<JZ's A To Z Blog<You've Become Joyful!

Upcoming:  Save the Following Sundays.  Don’t be out of town!

Sept. 4            Labor Day Weekend                    Distribution of fliers throughout St. John.
Sept. 11          Pathway Sunday School begins.
Sept. 18          Relaunch Sunday                        Our big media campaign will, Lord
                                                                                     willing, result in a crowd of
                                                                                     newcomers to Pathway, some of
                                                                                     whom don't yet know Christ or are
                                                                                     returning to Him after a time away.

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