Wise Guidance on Sexual Purity

Author: Pastor Joel
March 29, 2018

Parents, are you considering having "the talk" with your preteen son or daughter? Here is a recommendation from a Pathway parent who tried and recommends, "Passport to Purity.

Here it is in his own words:

"I would strongly consider looking into a weekend away with your preteen to go through Family Life's Passport2Purity. It is a multiple audio CD, Journal and projects that illustrate the importance of wise decisions as your child enters adolescence. Some of the stories are a little corny and it can definitely be uncomfortable for both of you but it is well worth it. It can be purchased directly from Family Life, Amazon, and Christian Books. It is usually the cheapest at Christianbooks.com."

If we aren't teaching our preteens about the goodness of our God in designing human sexualty, someone else will be teaching them. Make sure they hear it from you!







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