The "Ten Words" A Fence? . . .

Author: Pastor Joel
July 29, 2016

Hi Pathway, I’m back. And we’ll return to the teaching on the Ten Commandments on Sunday. This week it’s # 7, “Do not commit adultery.” We’ll do some comparative analysis between what our culture thinks about sex, and the far greater intention that God has for this good gift.

But first, let’s refresh our minds about why God gave us the Ten Commandments or as I’m calling them as the ancient Jews did “the Ten Words.” What image would you imagine to reflect God’s intention for the Ten Commandments?

For me, the Ten Words are a fence, but a certain kind of fence. Have you ever watched a bull rider hanging for dear life on to the back of a Brahma bull? When that bull swings his massive head and shoulders and sends the rider into the air -- and then into the sawdust -- the cowboy’s natural instincts kick in, and he begins to run. He heads toward the fence as fast as he can go wishing -- for a second or two, maybe -- that it wasn’t there. But then after scaling the barrier in one bound and finding it between him and 2,000 lbs. of raging bull, he feels pretty good about that old fence. He might even lean over and give it a kiss. For now he’s mighty glad it’s there.

Why would the rider be glad about the fence? Because he has discovered that the fence isn’t there to restrict and restrain the rider, it is there to restrict and restrain the bull. That’s what God’s Commandments do for us. They protect us. They put a barrier between us and that which would destroy us. They place a restraint on our flesh that wants what it wants at any cost. In our fallen human nature we like to avoid commands, don’t we? We didn’t like commands as children and the truth is we don’t much like them as adults either. Words like “can’t,” “shouldn’t”, or “must” sound harsh in our ears. In our flesh we care nothing for happiness tomorrow or peace of heart for a lifetime. We care nothing about the well-being of those we love. In our flesh, all we seek is gratification NOW. That is the legacy of our first parents, the long, cold shadow of Adam and Eve.

But thanks be to God, He has provided for us the Ten Words that protect us. Let's learn today how Word Seven protects and blesses us.

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