Brokenness in the World . . .

Author: Pastor Joel
October 14, 2016

We live in a broken world. While God is making all things new, brokenness still appears in all things. This week we consider how brokenness in the church makes its way into assumptions about marriage and singleness. There will be some surprises here. I believe we’ll be left with eagerness for when God makes all things new, and a deeper respect for the Word of God which is such an honest, real Book!

Small Groups:  Forgotten? Some have asked about small groups lately. As I promised, I will regularly teach a small group/sermon series in January-February. I’m in the process of choosing materials now. I encourage these groups to continue on throughout the year, then reshuffle again in January-February. If your group clicks, make it a whole year thing! It’s your group’s choice. Maybe you miss your group from last winter. Why not have a little Sunday afternoon get together and review your transformation goals from last winter for spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial, and vocational health? You will probably need to dust off your "Transformed" workbook and be reminded. I’m exercising with the help of an accountability partner. That’s progress from goals set during the "Transformed" series.

Personal Emergencies – Pathway, I notice that you are NOT used to calling your pastor in emergencies. Often news of your unfortunate situations bubbles up to me days later. I request a call early on! God does some of His greatest work in us in the midst of crisis. I’d like to be His representative by your side. Please program your cell number with my number so you can call or text me. If I don’t respond in the next few hours, I didn’t receive the message. Then, try again. Thank you, Pastor Joel

New Blog I posted a new blog this week titled "Pride, Honesty, and Praise" under JZ’s A to Z Blog. In it I recap and reflect on our recent Relaunch and provideencouragement for the future. Check it out on our website or click on the following link:

Connections Class On Thursday, November 3 from 7-10 pm I will lead a Connections Class for all those interested in becoming members at Pathway Church. Although 3 hours may seem long, it will be an interactive and meaningful time. This class is a prerequisite for membership at Pathway. It’s also the gateway to profession of faith for people too. Please contact the office to reserve a place, or (219) 558-0573.

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