Pathway Update 11/13

November 12, 2015

From Pastor Joel –

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Meet Me at Pathway
Is your sign out?   If not, the roaming Pathway sign policeman may catch you and give you a call.  He patrols some Pathway homes each weekend and sends texts or makes phone calls to you, if your sign isn't out.  Avoid an embarrassing encounter and get your Pathway sign on our lawn!  I can tell you how embarrassing this can be.  PUT YOUR SIGN OUT!

This Weekend's Message - The Kiss
When God forgives of our sins, he assertively initiates the process of reconciliation even before we ask his forgiveness. The essence of God's forgiveness is that he absorbs the debt of our sinfulness upon Himself in Jesus Christ, rather than requiring us to repay the debt through our moral efforts. Because God sees us for who we are in Jesus and not who we are as sinners, we are empowered to become a community that doesn't bear grudges, belittle those who have hurt us, or force people to carry the sins of their past with them forever.




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