Post Worship: A Pastor's View

Author: Pastor Joel
November 03, 2016

Background: On October 30 I preached a lesson “Reforming the Vote.” I recommended who to vote for and why.

Worship Comments

One 13 year old suggested the song after the teaching was the wrong choice. Because I suggested that we vote for God, he thought a better choice would be “Good, Good Father.” We may have a budding worship director in our midst!

A person commented that it was my strongest message in six weeks. I countered with a “thank you,” but also noted that strong messages every Sunday get dangerous. If you agree or are persuaded to see it from the Pastor’s perspective, great! But on a Sunday one doesn’t like a strong message, they are hard to take. So, once in a while is good. Too many are dangerous. Always be real. Always be Biblical. Occasionally be “strong.”

One mom will remember the service forever. Her son, in response to my question ‘Who should the adults vote for?’, said “Mommy.”

One husband threatened to hold me responsible for his wife’s possible ulcer. He said, “She was 99% sure you wouldn’t endorse a candidate. However, that 1% unsure may lead her to an ulcer outbreak this week. I hold you responsible.” My response, “A little creative tension occasionally in a message is good.”


We had a number of new guests at Pathway last Sunday. One came because of a Pathway member’s yard sign. That guest is a new resident of St. John and was hired by a local para-church ministry. Another came because of our relaunch post card mailing from 8 weeks ago. Still another guest of 4x’s told me that she’s praying regularly for me:  “I’m praying for your marriage and family.” I responded gratefully to her. Inside myself I wondered how she knew that it had been a couple difficult few weeks with extended family. Then she asked me for advice. I gave a careful answer. Two days later she emailed that she had received double confirmation echoing my advice. I love the Holy Spirit’s work!




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