Unity Amongst Diversity

Author: Duane and Cindy Mejan
May 18, 2018

So, Pathway family, we stand at a crossroads moment in our search for a home. Three years of seemingly closed doors behind us and a decision most of us didn’t see coming in front of us.

Back in November, after the most recent closed door, many of us found ourselves in that “Now what, God?” We were at the end of ourselves and looking to Him. The experiences of our personal lives have us convinced that is right where God wants us – empty and looking to Him.

So, the Leadership Team challenged us to seek God and His will through a discipline foreign to most of us. We fasted. We prayed. We sought God’s face and His will. For us it was a difficult, yet rewarding, experience. Through our self-denial, God pointed out personal shortcomings and encouraged us to change perspectives and priorities. We believe He did just that for many who participated. What a meaningful time on our journey as a church.

We believe it is safe to say most would say that we need a permanent home. That we agree on. The concerns we have is that where that home is has the potential to be and in some ways is beginning to be polarizing and divisive. Why? We’ll answer with a question:  Whose will are we seeking?

A little aside here. Our family position with regards to Northwoods was not really for it at the beginning, but as we saw possibilities, we could see this as a viable and unique environment for Pathway. That being said, we are now cautiously and with anticipation curious to see how the due diligence plays out.

Back to the question of whose will we are seeking, no matter what your opinion of Northwoods is, if we begin losing sight of the experience of seeking God in November, we are giving our spiritual enemies a foothold among us.

Good questions and airing concerns are necessary, as is due diligence. Our family is one of those careful calculating decision-making people. We believe this process is full of hurdles and doors that can close at anytime. There is much opportunity here for God to show us this is not for Pathway if that is His will. Seeking God’s will should be what unites us regardless of strong personal opinions either way, for or against. Please don’t take this as “vote yes” if you feel so moved.

After the vote a few weeks ago, we were slightly disappointed that it was so close. But it also got us wondering what God was up to. It’s not a “no,” but it wasn’t a strong “yes” either. We were left wondering how we could proceed if two-thirds of us are for it and one-third is opposed. There’s only one way – God!

Doors are still open but not without hurdles. It brings to mind the Israelites just out of Egypt with Pharaoh’s army in hot pursuit. The Red Sea in front – trapped! Now what? God loves these moments. When the last of His people were clear, God used those walls of water to destroy their enemies. God loves to be our Deliverer, too.

On a very personal note, we love this church. Our college junior misses worshiping at Pathway while at school, because “there isn’t anything like Pathway.” When we consider what brought us together in the first place and all that has happened since, we have much to be grateful for. We have shared joys and deep sorrows with this family. We have been privileged to watch the kids of this church grow in their relationships with Jesus. And who knew that serving together could be not only a blessing, but fun? When we consider all of the people we wouldn’t know were it not for Pathway, it’s a long list of people we are glad to know.

To close, we’re not saying that Northwoods is or is not Pathway’s future home. But let’s return to November as a group of God’s followers seeking His face on our next step, seeking His will, not ours.  




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