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Author: Pastor Joel
December 04, 2015

Sunday marks the start of three sermons on Jesus' hometowns.  It is no accident that Jesus was born during the time of the Roman empire.  God was up to something in that timing.  God was also up to something in the "home towns" of Jesus during his childhood.  He was born in Bethlehem, fled to Egypt, and was raised in Nazareth.  That's no accident.  God had a plan.  Let's explore this Christmas season what God was doing then through Jesus' hometowns and through us today in our hometowns.
Here we go.   Let's see what happens.  Hallelujah:  a Candlelight Service at Pathway Church -
So we have a candlelight service coming up on Sunday, Dec. 20 at 6PM.   In the language of social media, we suspect it just "blew up."   What was going to be a quiet Pathway service of 125 of us intimately gathered on a rareSunday night for worship morphed into the excitement of the Come to the Stable band and singers, and an offering to support a perfect Christmas cause in Mommy's Haven.  The Come to the Stable band is professional grade band that has attracted 2000 people the last few Christmas seasons paying $18 per ticket.  This year they decided to take a year break from the big concert, but thought it would be fun to unite with their leader, our worship director, Paul Siemer to lead our candlelight service.   Then, we inquired of Mommy's Haven if they would accept an offering from us that evening and allow us to use their web site to promote the service.   You'll recall that 440 women and girls attended the princess brunch.  It was through the Mommy's Haven web site and social media connections that most heard.   So, bottom line, we will have a beautiful service, superb music, a special take home gift, and many, many people joining us.  Holiday drinks will be served after.  And, we can give to the tremendous cause of Mommy's Haven.  Afterwards we will sip holiday drinks (hot chocolate and spiced cider) and mingle with many from the community.   But most of all, we will worship Jesus who is the reason for the season.

To order your free passes-----yes, we need all Pathway people to order tickets----- go to our website and click on the Hallelujah:  a Candlelight Service at Pathway Church banner.  Put in your name and email.   The tickets will come directly to your email.

Twitter:  Follow me on Twitter.   I’m doing cultural, political, and religious commentary on daily news events.  I’ve tweeted about the Chicago teen shooting, the San Bernardino shooting, Syrian refugees, Thanksgiving meal sharing, and the Colorado Springs Plan Parenthood shooting.  Follow me @PastorJoelZ.   
The signs are working:   Last Monday I led chapel for 650 Crown Point Christian students K-8th.   I asked them how many had seen our signs.    About 35-40% raised their hands.  Granted 25 were Pathway kids, but most were not.  PEOPLE ARE SEEING “MEET ME AT PATHWAY CHURCH” SIGNS.   Keep up the good work.   We are almost no longer a secret.   
Family night this week Wednesday at CPCS:
6:00 PM Dinner - Hot Dogs and Return of Chili from the winners of the Chili Cook-Off
7:00-8:15 Breakout sessions
o Presentation on “Breast Health” for adult females
o Pastor Joel:  A discussion of “predestination”
o Blue Night Boys:  Service project and games
o Pink Night Girls:   Cupcake wars
o Distribution of pinewood derby car kits

Spring Sermon Series:   This spring I will do a testimony series.  I’m looking for a number of you to give praise to God for how He’s worked through your difficult circumstances.  I’d like the following:   someone who’s emerged from alcoholism or drug addiction, someone who was adopted, someone who had an out-of-wedlock pregnancy, someone who was in a debilitating accident, someone who’s emerged from bankruptcy, someone who’s been through a very difficult death, and someone who emerged from works righteousness/playing along with a Christian 
religious system into the joy of God’s grace.  

God is at work in and through us.  Let’s share how this is so.  If you MIGHT be able to help with a testimony, see me.




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