Pathway Update April 1, 2016

Author: Pastor Joel
April 01, 2016

Sunday’s message - We usually think of sin as a failure to do what we should (omission) or doing what we shouldn’t (commission).   We’ll consider the scariest definition of sin, as found in the Bible.   This definition and associated teaching will help us to know what sin is in the gray areas of life.  
Think about this - “Before people can be SAVED, they must BELIEVE in him; and before they can believe in him, they must HEAR about him; and for them to hear, SOMEONE MUST TELL THEM!” (Romans 10:14)
Who are you telling? Who are you praying for that God will open a door to tell?
Next Sunday - The testimony series begins.  Come hear of God’s work and His grace in the valleys of life.  God is good!




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