Fall: God Dresses Up Creation and Invites Us to Come Out and Play

Author: Pastor Joel
November 13, 2015

If you haven’t noticed yet, I enjoy the creation and take great delight worshiping God from a boat trolling on Lake Michigan, casting egg flies to spawning salmon in a clear river, or waiting for a big buck 15 feet above the earth in a tree stand on a glorious, colorful, crisp fall morning as the sun rises above the horizon.  God is so majestic, powerful, creative, and glorious.  The creation reminds me continually of His beauty.  This general revealing of Himself in creation’s glory sets my mind to wondering. 


I don’t know what it will be like to see Him face to face, but I suspect my expressions of praise from my tree stand in a hard wood lot on a sunny fall morning are a glimpse of the honor that will fill my soul when I see Him face to face.  I’m humbled in the woods or on the water, but yet filled with awe and reverence. 

What a day that will be to see Him!  Job was so moved at the sight that all of his grieving, anger, and loss melted away in a moment.  Isaiah fell to the ground crying out for mercy.  That being, on the throne, surrounded by seraphs crying out “Holy, holy, holy” was not to be taken lightly.  Isaiah knew he was unworthy of gazing upon the Lord of the universe.  But his lips were seared by a hot coal from a flying seraph to purify his words.  Then he volunteered when the mighty one said, “Whom shall I send.”  I suspect Isaiah’s work as prophet was never the same after that stunning vision.

My times in the woods and on the water, set me to worshiping and refresh me for getting to work.  Make sure to get out in the creation this fall in order to experience God’s wonder.  Allow your smallness and unworthiness to wash over you, and confess your sin.  Then go to your calling with a reinvigorated soul.





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