Tuesday in Detroit

June 28, 2016

Tuesday in Detroit started out much cooler!  We enjoyed temp’s in the 70s instead of the 90s.  Much Better!

Teams made a ton of progress at the different houses today taping and sanding drywall, laying tile, and installing ceiling tile.  We also started preparing doors to hang tomorrow. 

A few items to note were Dee demonstrating her drywall cutting skills; Kelsey and Bess were great leading the team with Sandy and Janna laying vinyl floor tile, Tom and Bill are almost done with a suspended ceiling, Jim can teach pastor Joel how to sand drywall :-), Donna Jan, and Amanda are great painters, Mark taught Jaclene and Dani how to use a compound miter and table saw; and Aaron, Kyle and Sam are painting machines and awesome ceiling tile installers.

Today was Dani's (Jaclene Bonnema's Friend) birthday!  Sandy snuck out and got her a birthday cake which was a nice surprise at dinner. 

Tonight we had a special treat for devotions from one of the Gunn Lake team members.  He is a magician and talked about how the devil tries steal our joy, devour our testimony, and destroy anything good in our lives through temptation.  He did quite a few different illusions while reminding us how Christ answered temptation quoting scripture in response.  The Bible truly is alive, active, and effective in all situations.  It is good to remember that we are called to bind it in our hearts and use it every day.

After devotions a small group headed back to Detroit to check out the river walk getting right up to, but not going over the Canadian border.  Who knew you could look south and see Canada from anywhere in the United States.  The rest of the group stayed back playing cards and visiting.

All-in-all another great day in Detroit.  We are thankful for prayers and safety thus far and looking forward to coming home Wednesday!




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