Sunday Arrival

June 26, 2016

We arrived!  The team will be staying at Schofield Elementary School in Warren, Michigan this week.  We are thankful for air conditioned accommodations and the great volunteer staff from Southern Baptist that manages the relief work and will be taking care of feeding us this week. 

After settling in, our first order of business was get something to eat (we are Pathway folk after all).  We found out our main jobs will be drywall, paneling, painting, scraping and painting a floor, and installing a drop ceiling.  We have the group divided into teams and will be ready to go first thing in the morning.


Jim V led our devotions tonight based on James 2:14-26 and discussed how we need to demonstrate our faith through our deeds in the full knowledge that our deeds cannot save us, God expects us to go out and demonstrate our faith.  He shared a story of a missionary going back to visit a man in China that he had brought to Christ years earlier.  The young man walked over 100 miles to meet the missionary and was proud to recite scripture that he memorized.

The missionary cautioned the man that he needed to not only learn the scriptures but do them as well.  The man said he had trouble learning the Sermon on the Mount until he decided to learn one verse at a time and then go do what that verse taught to one of his neighbors and then he could learn the next verse.

A great example of how to learn and do what God’s word tells!

The team is looking forward to a great week working and hoping to show God’s light to those they encounter.




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