Lazy About Love . . .

Author: Pastor Joel
February 24, 2017

This Sunday we will continue the series "Glittering Vices: Seven Misguided Pursuits of Happiness." We will study our second “glittering vice” - Sloth:  Being Lazy About Love. Sloth is being unwilling to be or do all God wants from us because that would take too much effort.

Devotions – Each week I am providing devotions for our current sermon series. They are at the end of the rows in the auditorium. “Devotions” are short 10 -15 minute daily bursts that we spend hearing from God’s Word, the Bible, and speaking with God through prayer. Why not start?

This Week – I will be serving as synodical deputy to Classis Wisconsin on Tuesday and Classis SE Florida on Friday and Saturday. As Classis interview new pastors, synodical deputies attend the interviews and confirm and oversee the procedures to welcome new pastors into the Christian Reformed Church. 

Testimony Series – Back by popular demand! For a series of Sundays after Easter, we will listen to Pathway testimonies of God’s resurrection work in our lives. His resurrection power is at work in all believers! Tell your story! God’s work in you may have been dramatic and immediate or a process of years, but it’s His power and to Him the credit is due. Speak up! See Pastor Joel if you might be willing or email, Again this year, we will offer alternate formats of video, interview, or solo presentation.

Upcoming Pulpit Supply – I have a number of accrued vacation days that have carried over since my initial hire, so I will be using them soon, as well as taking our normal family Ludington break in July. I will not be here a Sunday in April, June, and two in July!

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